The Well-being center La Danse Des Mains offers you, in the form of personalised massages, several solutions that correspond to your needs.

List of massages:

  • The Ayurvedic:
    Abhyanga, Vishesh, Antistress Shirodhara, Relaxing Sattvic, Ayurvedic face massage, Svedana, Karna Purana, Pregnancy Massage, Marmas, Draining and Purifying UdGarshan and Udvartan

The Ayurvedic

The ayurvedic massage Abhyanga helps to purify and liberate toxines from the body. Abhyanga consists of an oleation of the body with warm oil with movements towards the extremities. Abhyanga is a complete care highly recommended in the light of a long term care of one’s health. Abhyanga mainly has an effect on the vital energy (pranamahy kosha), the subtle channels (nadis) and is known for anti-aging qualities. The massage promotes the vital energy and the mental and emotional wellness (manomahy kosha), supports and restores the inner movements of the body (Vayus) and the chakras are also stimulated. Abhyanga allows the body to mobilize it’s own power to heal and purify. This work is done on a physical level, as also on an energetic level, which at the same time gives a feeling of relaxation, comfort and renewal of energy, a feeling that lasts also after the massage.
Recommended in case of: purification treatment, dry skin, stiffness, tension and insomnia. Abhyanga is useful for all doshas; Vata, Pita and Kapha.
Recommended once per week. Duration 1h or 1h30.

The ayurvedic massage Vishes has a lot of similarities with Abhyanga. It is characterized by slow and profound movements that loosen the muscular tension and stimulate the blood flow. It acts in particular on the bones, nerves and deep emotions.
The benefits: Allows to release tension and emotions anchored deep inside the body. Stimulate the blood and lymphatic flow and restores the harmony between body and soul.
Vishes is especially useful for the dosha Kapha, but also for Pita.
Recommended once per week. Duration 1h or 1h30.

Antistress with Shirodhara
Shirodhara is a treatment which consists of gently pouring lukewarm oil over the forehead of the massaged (…). It is a powerful and effective ayurvedic treatment adviced for treatment of all headaches, of mental or nervous origin, and pains that are related to the nose, troat, ears or neck. It also invigorates the heart and reduces the excess of body temperature. Muscular tensions and organs are also unraveled, negative thoughts are freed and all of this gives you the sensation of being born again. The face and wrinkles are relaxed, the energetic channels of the head are opened, and energie is freed in all of the body. It solicites the psychic and sensory level with the effects of anti-stress, also on the physical level. Purifies the mind and restores clarity and the ability to take decisions.
The benefits: The production of serotonine is stimulated which gives a sensation of pleasure and relaxation. Great for the nervous system, Shirodhara acts up until the hypophysis and allows to unravel old negative memories and helps to liberate mental tension and stiffness. Shirodhara can be used for all doshas, but in particular for Vata. (…)
Duration 1h30.

Relaxing Sattvic
The relaxing Sattvic massage is given with warm oil with movements towards the extremities. The harmony and direction of the movements respect the “flow of Pranas”. Because of the very soft and slow movements, the massage brings a feeling of envelopment and of deep atonement. Extra attention is given to the subtle channels, on a mental and emotional level, as well to the consciousness.
The benefits: It brings a feeling of peace, clarity, contentment and understanding. It can be used for all doshas, but particularly for Vata and in case of stress, overwork, emotional fatigue and lack of concentration.
Recommended once per week. Duration 1h or 1h30.

Draining and Purifying UdGarshan and Udvartan
Garshan in Sanskrit means to rub, Vartan means unction and Ud means upwards, towards the heart like the lymphs. Garshan and Udvartan are purifying exfoliations that nourish the tissues and improve the lymphatic drainage. This massages is practised using gloves made of wild silk or with exfoliating, nourishing and medicinal powders. According to the needs, the powders can be mixed with oil to obtain a creamy, perfumed and heated paste.
The rubbing and friction creates heat, improves the circulation and allows the elimination of toxines of the body. At that moment, the living cells can be nourished and their activity is improved.
Duration 1h30.

Ayurvedic face massage
The ayurvedic face massage takes care of your beauty by treating the balance of the nervous system, clarifying and calming the mind and increasing the vitality. The massage works mainly on the vital energy, the nervous system and on a mental and emotional level. It can be used for all doshas, with specific products for each of them. The massage also includes a massage of the back, torso and neck and a reflexology massage of the face. Also sweating, cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the face using natural and ayurvedic products are a part of this massage.
Duration 1h. This massage can also be done in 30 minutes where the focus lies on the facial care.

Swedana is used to relieve the body of excessive doshas. Through transpiration the toxines of the body are liberated to bring a state of balance that improves the general health. Swedana is an sauna recommended after a massage. Duration 30 minutes.

Karna Purana
Karna Purana is recommended in case of ailments around the head, neck pains, headaches or problems with the senses. Karna Purana is a “Massage” of the ear canal with warm oil. The massage is given in combination with a Shirodhara or Sattvic massage.
Recommended after a massage. Duration 30 minutes.

Pregnancy Massage
In the Ayurvedic tradition the pregnancy massage respects the needs of the pregnant women and her fetus. It is given in a lateral position to prevent pressure on the back and the circulatory system. In Ayurveda, the pregnancy massage avoids al purifying actions. The massage softens the skin of the belly by a simple oleation, also draining movements are added because there are often necessary in this period. The massage relaxes and envelopes you, it stimulates the blood flow, muscle function and articulations, and it also relieves you of mental and physical fatigue.
The benefits: relaxation and well-being during your pregnancy.
Recommended duration of 1h30, but can be adapted for a 1h.

Marmas are energetic points or zones of the body linked to organs, to emotions and to the mind, to chakras and to the vital energy (prana). The massage of the Marmas is a part of the Abhyange massage.
Recommended in case of lack of energy, psycho-emotional blockings, congested organs. Duration 1h30.