* The Ayurvedic kitchen
* Worshops on italians “Pasta fresca”

The Ayurvedic kitchen

Ayurveda offers us besides massages also a delicious, biological and vegetarian kitchen, in harmony with nature and with our health.

Our body strengthens itself daily with all the things we eat! In that perspective the choice of food that we eat is essential.

I gladly invite you to discover the secrets of the Ayurvedic kitchen, to put them into practise and ofcourse together eat the prepared dishes. In order that everybody is able to follow each step properly, the workshop is given in groups of 6 persons.

The workshops are independent of one another, you participate in the workshop to appeals most to you.

If this interests you, please contact us to reserve a place or to get more informatie on the theme or content of a workshop.

For whom are these workshops intended?

For everyone that is less or even not familiar with Ayurveda and who is looking for a healthy and balanced diet.


The workshop provides some explanation and also an introduction to the field of vision of nutrition in the world of Ayurveda.
There is also a practical part where everyone participates in the preparation of the dishes and finally we eat what we have prepared.


The dishes are vegetarian and the used ingredients biological. The dishes can contains vegetables, legumes, cereals, oilseeds, dairy products and Indian herbs. If you have had a food allergy, please let us know in advance so that the dishes can be customized for you.


Three dishes will be prepared, and the price, including biological and ayruvedic ingredients, is 50 €.
There is a reduction of 5 € if you participated in an earlier workshop.


At least four hours are scheduled for a workshop. Depending on the dishes and the number of participants, the workshop can last an hour longer.

Next dates :

If you have any preferences, please let us know and we’ll do our best to add it in the agenda!

Worshops Italian Fresh Pasta

Its own roots cannot be forgotten and fresh pasta are an integral part of the kitchen “Emiliana” where I come from.

Do you enjoy kneading dough, and at the same learning the secrets for succeeding, to be creative, to do yourself and your family a pleasure, to discover the magic when mixing the ingredients and obtain a whole that is called paste that you have formed with the energy of your hands?

If you answered yes, you are more than welcome to join this cours!

Some recipes we propose are for making “cappelletti”, “tortelloni” or “cannelloni” but you choose the shape you like for your pasta!

The workshops will be organised on request during the week or weekend, during day or evening.