We can daily clean our body internally and externally by using different ‘aids’, such as the food we eat, a Neti or a tongue scraper.


Neti or “Jala neti” signifies cleaning the nasal cavity with water (jala) and is a part of the panchakarma treatment “Nazya”, which means treatment of the nasal cavity.

According to Ayurveda, the nose is the door of consciousness and the brain, consciousness and prâna. “Prâna”, the “life force”, is responsable for the mental activity and maintains the sensory-motor functions, the memory, the concentration and the intellectual activity.

During teaching and practicing yoga, is it recommended to clean the nose with salted water, and this because of the positive effect of it on concentration and meditation, because of which the passage of air is improved according to “prânâyâma”.

Cooper Tongue Cleaner

A Tongue Cleaner is a natural breath freshener that effectively removes harmful bacteria that causes bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and plaque. The tongue cleaner is to be used to reach the back of the tongue. This method is particularly recommended for kapha types.