Why Oil?

Ayurveda explains us this:
Oil saturates the body completely, which protects againt all the extreme influences which tend to increase Vata. This way oil helps in finding peace, brings the person to its own, protects the immune system and slows down the aging process.


We only use essential vegetable oils, biological and first cold pressed.

The skin is permeable, it absorbs a great part of the oil that is used during the massage. It is important to use a natural oil, that can be recognized and digested by our metabolism. Also try to avoid synthetic oils for your daily care, as they will be treated as toxins be our body.

Ayurvedic Oils

The value of ayurvedic oils is based on the art of preparing oils with plants, which refines their specific quality and allows a therapeutic work.

The Ayurvedic medicinal oils can be added to the ayurvedic massages according to specific needs, as well as in local applications such as in external Basti (Kati Basti, etc.) or with the Marma points in an Abhyanga or the Nazya.