The Panchakarma treatments: Basti external, Nasya, Podikizhi

Basti external
Depending on the part of the body, different names are used, like Kati Basti for the lumbar area. For this external spot treatment warm and ayurvedic oils are used.
Used in case of muscular or articular pain and stiffness, tension, also promotes relaxation and stimulates specific marmas.



60 min.

“Nazya” means treatment of the nasal cavity. According to Ayurveda, the nose is the door of consciousness and the brain, consciousness and prâna. “Prâna”, the “life force”, is responsable for the mental activity and maintains the sensory-motor functions, the memory, the concentration and the intellectual activity.
Nasya is the therapeutical cleaning of the head, by applying medical oils and substances in the nostrils. It will open the channels of the head and improve oxygenation and the flow of prâna. It is a part of the panchakarma procedures but it can also be used on its own. Nasya can be practiced as a prevention measure or in the daily hygiene to eliminate a blocking or to liberate the nose and the head.
It is useful for all dosha’s but particularly recommended in case of disbalances and cumulation at the level of the head, throat or neck.


45 min.