In practice

How to prepare for a treatement?

LDDM advises you to wear comfortable clothes, that are not too tight, warm and that can “withstand” some oil. Ideal is a training suit.
During the massage, the massaged is free to wear whatever he or she thinks is most suited; it is important to respect the person.
The center LDDM offers only non sexual massages.
Oil & Hair
The Ayurvedic massages propose a head massage with oil (face and cranium), which is very tonic and relaxing. If you don’t like oil in your hair, please let us know before the massage.
Please inform us if you are pregnant, if you are taking medicins or when you are suffering from a certain disease. In some cases, the approval of your doctor is necessary whether you can be massaged.
There is no age on getting a massage! Children should already be familiarised with giving and receiving massages within the family. If desired, a massage can be given to a minor, provided that a parent is present during the massage.

On site

LDDM is situated in a residential area where there can be parked for free. Here you can find the parking policy of Ixelles: map and description.