La Danse Des Mains

La Danse Des Mains comes to life as a communication based on Touch, one of the five senses of the human being.
Touch is a generator of positive energy, a vital necessity, on the same level as food, breathing, drinking and sleeping.
Hands have their own language and bring love, joy and solidarity. Hands are extensions of the heart, thanks to them we can give love and receive this “food”.

A rigid body, blocked, a stressed mind and in continuous tension, doesn’t allow someone to achieve a state of psychophysical well-being, which is necessary and which is what we seek. Make use of massages for prevention and for maintaining your health.

The LDDM center guarantees you professionalism, a warm welcome and respect in a calm environment, well heated and hygienic by using herbal oil of good quality.

In the LDDM center you are considered to be important and you are followed carefully. Through experience and the extensive choice of massages, each treatment is tailored to you, to your requests and to your needs (for more details see “The Massages”).